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Overtoom 538hs

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1. Definitions


An oral or written statement by or on behalf of the client that can reasonably be taken to express dissatisfaction regarding the services provided by the lawyer.


The client or his/her representative who is filing a Complaint.

Complaints Protocol

The protocol our firm uses to handle Complaints.

Complaints Procedure

This document, being the written representation of our firms Complaints Protocol.

Complaints Officer

The person handling the Complaint; not being the lawyer implicated in the Complaint.

Complaint Registration Form

A form for internal use by the firm during the execution of the Complaints Protocol stipulated in the Complaints Procedure.

2. Objectives

This Complaints Procedure has the following objectives:

  1. Establish a protocol for handling Complaints from clients within a reasonable period of time and in a constructive manner,
  2. Establish a protocol for determining the causes underlying Complaints from clients,
  3. Retain and improve existing customer relations through proper handling of Complaints,
  4. Provide team members with training on client-centered responses to Complaints
  5. Improve service quality through Complaints handling and analysis.

3. Informing the client

The lawyer will inform the client that the firm has a Complaints Procedure in place.

4. The internal Complaints Protocol

  1. If a client submits a Complaint to the firm in any way, the implicated lawyer shall be notified.
  2. The implicated lawyer shall try to settle the Complaint in collaboration with the client, with or without consulting the Complaints Officer.
  3. The implicated lawyer or Complaints Officer respectively shall make sure the Complaint is handled properly, in accordance with the present Complaints Procedure.
  4. Confidentiality shall be maintained in all circumstances.
  5. The outcome of the Complaints Procedure shall be communicated to the client.

5. Registration and categorization of the Complaint

  1. All Complaints are registered using the Complaint Registration Form.
  2. The Complaints Officer registers and categorizes the Complaint.
  3. The Complaint is categorized in the following ways:
    • By manner of submission, i.e.:
      • Oral
      • Written
    • By Complaint type, using the following types:
    • I. Complaints about the lawyer's working method / treatment of the client
    • II. Complaints about the legal content of the provided services
    • III. Complaints about the financial aspects of the provided services
    • IV. Complaints about general practice and management.
  1. A single Complaint can have multiple categories.
  2. If the Complaint has been settled in a satisfactory manner, the implicated lawyer and the Complaints Officer will sign the Complaint Registration Form.

6. Responsibilities

  1. The lawyer implicated in the Complaint and Complaints Officer respectively are responsible for handling and settling Complaints.
  2. The Complaints Officer is responsible for completing the Complaint Registration Form.
  3. The implicated lawyer will keep the Complaints Officer informed of the progress in handling the Complaint.
  4. The firm shall settle the Complaint in writing within four weeks.
  5. The Complaints Officer will provide the Complainant with a response.
  6. The Complaints Officer will maintain the Complaint file.

7. Complaints analysis

  1. Upon completion of the Complaint, the Complaint Registration Forms will be collectively stored with the Complaints Officer.
  2. The Complaints Officer will draw up regular reports on the settlement of Complaints.
  3. The Complaints Officer processes the data and provides an annual analysis.
  4. The Complaints Officer also makes recommendations for the prevention of new Complaints and the improvement of current procedures.

8. Internal evaluation

  1. Once a year, the analyzed Complaints data will be evaluated in an internal meeting.
  2. Improvements will be prepared and scheduled.
  3. The Complaints Officer shall prepare this meeting and analyze the data.

9. Preventative measures

  1. Based on the Complaints Officer's annual analysis, the firm decides on preventive measures that will improve service quality.
  2. The measures to be implemented will be presented with the analysis at the annual firm meeting.