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EU’s hard Brexit per 29 March 2019

EU’s hard Brexit per 29 March 2019 is is not yet a reality but is getting closer and closer. This will certainly affect the validity and functioning of European regulations between the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.  Consider, for example, the jurisdiction of the Dutch court in divorce cases and cases of parental responsibility or custody (Brussel II bis regulation) and spouce or child alimony cases (European Alimony Regulation), but as well cases of international protection measures, for example  an international contact ban (European Regulation on protection measures). One can also think of the rules on the recognition and enforcement of judgments (court decisions) across the British/Dutch border, which will be made more difficult. In many areas, international treaties will continue to regulate cooperation between the Netherlands and the UK. In that sense there will therefore be a safety net for the situation that has arisen. But this safety net could change the legal and judicial reality. Stay up to this and get advice on time! BSS Family law can be of service to you.

Lunch meeting with the Turkish International Child Abduction Platform (TICAP) at BSS Family Law in Amsterdam

On 15 February 2019, Titia Coppes and Catelijne Boshouwers, board members of the Dutch International Child Abduction Lawyers (DIAL) convened a lunch meeting with child abduction lawyer and founder of the Turkish International Child Abduction Platform (TICAP): mr. Bariş Kaşka. We discussed the implementation of The Hague Child Abduction Convention 1980 by the courts in Turkey, the establishment of a central court (which is not the case at the moment), the knowledge and awareness of the Convention amongst Turkish family lawyers and the use of (cross border) mediation in cases of child abduction and international custody matters. A very interesting and nice meeting!

22 November 2018: Seminar cross border mediation at the Dutch Embassy in Madrid

On 22 November 2018, Catelijne Boshouwers, member of the Dutch International Child Abduction Lawyers (DIAL, https://diallawyers.org/) attended a seminar at the Dutch Ambassador’s residence in Madrid. Wendy van de Stroom-Willemsen (chair of our association) joined the panel discussion on behalf of DIAL, together with DIAL board members Catelijne Boshouwers and Titia Coppes. Fellow panel members were Christopher Hames (chair CALA UK), Paola Moreschini (chair ICALI, Italy) Hetty Boone (judge international child abduction section District Court The Hague), Luis Aurelio Gonzalez (judge in Madrid) and Judith Uitermark (criminal judge District Court The Hague). The following matters were the subject of the presentations and the subsequent panel discussion:What do we mean with (cross border) mediation?To what extend is it desirable for mediation to be part of international child abduction cases?To what extend this is implemented in cross border child abduction litigation? In what way cross border mediation is implemented in these cases?We discussed the do’s en don’ts and the differences and similarities in different countries.

It was a very interesting meeting and a nice gathering. On top of that, it was an excellent opportunity to enjoy the Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza and Reina Sofia museums, the Christmas decorations in town and not to forget the delicious Spanish food.

All-in all a succesful and enjoyabale trip!


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