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1054LL Amsterdam

020 618 76 43


Overtoom 538hs

1054LL Amsterdam

020 618 76 43

What clients have to say about Catelijne Boshouwers, Monique Schellekens and Agnes Spoormans

"Catelijne handled my rather challenging divorce case. This is how I would characterize Catelijne: 

  • Extremely knowledgeable in her field.
  • Tough if need be, yet kind by nature.
  • Collaborates with her client while steering a clear course. This was very much required and worked well in my case. 
  • Expresses herself clearly in writing and in the courtroom.
  • Adamant about her case before the court, thoroughly prepared and able to clearly and firmly present views and arguments.
  • While making a clear point, Catelijne also continues to look for opportunities for mutual consultation or agreements. In my case, the other party did not provide any openings, and we only succeeded in court with the help of the judge.
  • Catelijne clearly explained matters to me if needed, and was patient and understanding in dealing with emotions. She keeps returning to the essence of the matter.
  • In her dealings with me, Catelijne proved to be a patient advisor. I often wanted to go faster than law or procedures permitted, and Catelijne dealt with this in a correct and to-the-point manner.
  • The final outcome is commendable: a divorce decree; a clear division of the property; alimony (too much, as always).
  • I was set to work hard providing all the information and creating overviews, which made me feel that there was room for my own contributions, too. The collaboration was intensive and fruitful.

All in all, I can highly recommend Catelijne – both the lawyer and the person (August 2017)

"I’m glad we opted for mediation. Your guidance, Monique, has helped us close our marriage in a respectful way. Thanks for your efforts."

"Monique Schellekens acted as an able moderator and a good listener in my divorce mediation. She remains peaceful while encouraging both parties to actively work towards a mutually satisfactory solution. She acts very systematically and also knows how to deal with sudden turns or emotions with a great sense of timing. Everything discussed was put to paper quickly and carefully, while clearly listing the legal and financial implications. Monique is an able mediator who delivers solid results!"

“Throughout our divorce mediation process, Agnes Spoormans consistently kept reminding us of our role as parents and the interests of our children. When the talks got tough and sensitive, she not just contributed her legal expertise, but also her engagement and persuasiveness. This kept us talking, and we were still able to produce a well-considered divorce agreement that was supported by us both in a relatively short time. Her personal approach and engagement were very valuable to me in this difficult process”.

"Catelijne Boshouwers is our lawyer and we are extremely satisfied with her. She is sharp-witted, resolute and, above all, a pleasure to work with."

"My collaboration with Monique Schellekens was very pleasant. She would always take time to listen and was willing to help with anything within her expertise. Monique works fast and sticks to deadlines and agreements. She has always been quick to respond and I have never been disappointed in her actions.
She’s honest and fair, is a good listener and will tell you in a friendly way what she can and cannot do for you. A fine lawyer, who does not forget to balance what is legally possible against what is humanly desirable when considering the various interests."

"Agnes, we would like to thank you for your expert and caring help with our divorce. In our meetings, you explained the various issues involved in a friendly and clear manner, insisting on additional measures so that both the division of the property and the pension payments were well taken care of. We both appreciated having an independent guide who enabled us to quickly reach an agreement."

"Monique is a very competent, target-driven lawyer and mediator. Sharp and with a keen eye for the people she assists. I am extremely content with the services she performs for me and my relations . (lawyer)."

"I have been working with Catelijne Boshouwers since May 2010 . She is very engaged and professional in her legal practice. She defends my interests with dedication and conviction, and in a way that completely agrees with me. Ze verdedigt mijn belangen met veel toewijding en overtuiging, maar zo dat ik me er volledig in kan vinden. And this is reflected in the result. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone!"

"I first encountered Monique Schellekens when I sought legal help in solving a challenging work-related conflict with my employer. Thanks to her professionalism, matter-of-fact mentality, pro-active methods and expertise in labor law, the court ruled in my favor. I approached her again for a family-related case, in which she displayed another side of her capabilities. Showing understanding for all parties involved, she helped find an acceptable solution to the problem."